Our Team

Our Experienced Equine Therapy Team Guides Your Journey to Healing.


Our Supportive Team

Our equine-assisted therapy team will be with you for all therapy and learning sessions.

Natasha (Tash) Whitwell

Owner and Founder

Tash is your therapist for all therapy and learning sessions. An approachable and compassionate mental health professional, and a mum of two boys, with a wealth of experience.



By name and by nature – “Beau” means beautiful, and he really is, inside and out. Beau is a 6.1hh thoroughbred and is very sensitive to the needs of those around him, and the state of their nervous system. Beau loves to make friends, is very social, and is extremely affectionate when he feels safe with you, and the amount of feedback he provides is quite astonishing.

Malbec Monstar


Malbec Monstar (my star in French) is more Star than Monster, which he is affectionately called for short (among other pet names). A true gentle giant, who exudes calm and safety, he is a very wise old soul, despite only being 14. “MoMo” is 17.1 hh chestnut thoroughbred, who despite his size, his gentle demeanour lends itself to working with young people who may have little or no experience with horses, and he is a true confidence builder in so many ways.

The Pack


Other Seen and Herd team members include the pack, Minnie, Ollie, Pippi, and Dottie. You might also see Dave and Marty, the feline friends about the place as well. Minni is a 10-year-old staff cross who adores people, the “mum” of the canine pack she is very insightful and always silently turns up at your side when anyone needs a hug or a cuddle.



Marty and Dave